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Christ Consciousness and Connecting With Your Higher Self

Christ Consciousness means a person who outwardly embraces divinity (Law of One). Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with Christ as a person. Christ refers to your understanding & awareness of divinity and your primary purpose as a spiritual being. When you have found your own spiritual connection with the universe and with the Creator, this will manifest outwardly as unconditional love, joy, and compassion. When an individual consciously demonstrates these divine attributes, this is known as ‘Christ Consciousness’.

The activation of your body’s 7th chakra (crown chakra) occurs after the previous six primary chakras are activated. Instantly, like a domino effect, the 8th and 9th chakras are triggered. The 8th chakra is located about 30cm above the crown chakra and this connects you to the higher dimensional planes of consciousness, whilst the 9th chakra is located two feet under your feet – your ethereal connection to Earth’s ethereal body.


 The full activation of the chakra system is a result of the frequency of your consciousness. A person who has activated the upper chakras, namely the heart, third eye, and the crown chakras has achieved “Christ Consciousness,” because that process shifts a person’s frequency into the powerful heart-based qualities, which allows them to consciously demonstrate love, empathy, compassion, and the ability to connect and understand people from a deeper emotional level and spiritual viewpoint.In addition, the full activation of the chakras means a person has moved into a higher frequency of consciousness.

What is the reward for achieving this higher frequency?

You have the ability to telepathically communicate with the higher dimensional levels of consciousness within the cosmos. This means, you can directly communicate with your Master, Guides, and the Angelic Realm. With permission of your Master, you can communicate directly with departed friends and family; you can ask to receive multidimensional energy for the purpose of healing yourself or others, and likewise, specialist guides can give you information about humanity’s hidden knowledge & secrets or everything you want to know about the universe.

Remember two things, everyone’s consciousness is interconnected and a higher frequency means you are moving closer to the Creator.