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Simple Affirmations To Multiply Money And Prosperity

A teacher who wished to prosper referred to money as “filthy lucre.” I explained to him he had to change his attitude toward money, because his silent condemnation of money caused it to fly from him instead of to him. He realized that it would be foolish to pronounce uranium, lead, cobalt, nickel, copper or a dollar bill as evil.

A dollar bill is harmless, and the only difference between it and nickel or copper or any other metal is that the atoms and molecules with their electrons and protons are arranged differently than are those which constitute paper.

Here is the practical, down-to-earth technique he employed which multiplied money in his experience:

From now on I look upon money as Divine substance, for everything comes out of the One Spirit (God). I know that matter and spirit (energy) are one. I claim and decree that money is constantly circulating in my life and that there is always a Divine surplus.

I use money wisely and constructively. Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance.

Money is an idea in the mind of God, and it is good and very good. God pronounced all things He created good and very good.

This teacher affirmed these truths for about five minutes night and morning, and at the end of a month’s time, he was promoted with a big increase in salary. He also received a completely unexpected inheritance from an aunt he had never met.

He made it a special point to never deny what he was affirming. Let wonders happen in your life by accepting a new attitude towards the riches all around you.

- Joseph Murphy, The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe