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Three Sex Chakras

Sexual energy is a very important part of our kundalini energy and can affect us in many ways, not just sexually. Though each of us relates to one sex chakra over the others, all three of the sex chakras need to be open and developed to ensure personal growth.

The three sex chakras lie between the navel and the public bone: the first 1-1.5 inches (depending on body size) below the navel, the second the same distance down, and the lower at the top of the pubic bone. The energy from the upper chakra can be used in both creativity and sex; working well, it amplifies playfulness and joy, but working poorly, it brings rigidity, humorlessness, and lack of creativity. The flirtatiousness that may ensue may have a positive or negative result, depending on how it is used.

The second sex chakra, next down, relates to power. Sexual union may empower people with strength and provide whole-body energy to establish a sense of inner stability charisma, and well being. Though this energy has great healing potential, negated, it promotes a desire to control others with sex and results in people whom I call ‘collectors’ – those found of seeing how much sexual attention they can attract to themselves . Collectors have no interest in the positive side of the sexual energy. Rape is a manifestation of their imbalance.

The third sex chakra, just above the pubic bone, relates to transformational sex. Positive energy here transforms sexual energy to its higher octave, spiritual energy. People using energy from the third sex chakra may have visions and develop a new spiritual awareness. The negative side of this chakra manifests in a feeling that sex is evil and dirty.

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